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    First Shots of the New Year - Unpatched SF

    Well, I got my chance to get out of the house and visit with Mark (Setxrailfan) for a few seconds before he had to make a shove back while switching. The weather was a nice clear low 70's day. I got to see two BNSF trains and then in Beaumont, TX I saw two northbound KCS trains. First photo...
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    Amtrak 156

    The last time that I went railfanning in Houston with a buddy, we just so happened to be at the right place at the right time. Taken at the Houston Amtrak station. Builder's Plate
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    KCS Christmas Train Port Arthur, TX

    Mark (Setxrailfan), Gary, and I went to see the KCS Christmas train in Port Arthur. We got there at the right time before they barricaded the street. The KCS 1 was parked in the center of the street making photos a breeze.
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    Anyone railfanning in the triple digit temps?

    I had some free time today to go out and railfan... Came back home because of the abundance of heat and lack of trains. It was 101 in southeast Texas today. Over west 100 miles in Houston it was 107-110 depending where you were...
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    National Train Day Photos

    I finally got out to take some train photos. I haven't used my camera since last year! A few of a friendly engineer... Did anyone else get out and take a few shots?
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    Fotos del valle de texas (Rio Valley Switching)

    I went to the Texas Valley (in Texas - the Rio Grande Valley -Mission/ McAllen to Brownsville area on the border to Mexico) to visit relatives for the July 4th holiday weekend. We didn't catch the fireworks but I did catch a couple parked RVS trains / light power on the main line. Which I...
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    Railroads with Hertiage Paint Schemes

    A list Heritage Units- please fill in the left out ones! UP- Missouri Pacific Western Pacfic Denver & Rio Grande Western Southern Pacific Chicago & North Western Missouri-Kansas-Texas IAIS - Rock Island NS - Central of Georgia Central Railroad of New Jersey Conrail Delaware...
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    It's all downhill from here...

    As in today's the day with the longest duration of sunlight (useful for taking rr photos). Too back I'm stuck in my office for 10 hrs.
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    My lunch railfan spot makes national news (2 Shot Dead at Courthouse)
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    The Big Year (Movie)

    We watched the movie "The Big Year" (2011) last weekend starring Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson. It was about bird watching and who could spot the most different species of birds. It is a good clean show. It got me to thinking of the parallels of the theme of the movie to train...
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    A strange image on my memory card

    It was trains! I thought I forgot how to take train pics. Today after going to the train show at the Reliant Arena in Houston we headed out for some urban railfanning in Houston. We saw quite a few trains, the UP 1996 SP, a renumbered UP SD90 (34xx series), a lot of deadline/ stored power, and a...
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    RRF member 'Gohogs' passes away

    Railroad forums member "Gohogs" - Greg Goffinet passed away last Friday December 9th. He had battled cancer for a couple of years now. Since 2009 Greg made the Texas railroad get togethers in Saginaw and Flatonia. He was a great guy and will surely be missed. Facebook...
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    Big Bang Theory

    I don't know if you guys watched it tonight, but Lenard took up model trains on the show. He was playing with a HO scale train at first and then found the N scale. Naturally there were jokes about his new hobby.
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    Houston Urban Railfanning 2011 (SP, new PTRA paint...)

    Keeping up with a summer tradition of summer rail fanning in Houston,, 3 of us hit the hot pavement looking for trains. Houston did not disappoint! The first two shots were from the 3 pack of trains when we first arrived at Sampson...
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    Just Like The Old Days

    A summer day downtown Beaumont, hot, humid, and Southern Pacific!
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    MTA Officers Detain Man For Taking Photos at Station I bet he's glad he kept his camera rolling.
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    New KCSM Retro Belle Variation & SP photo

    I saw this unit at the KCS Beaumont Yard while getting a hamburger at Jack in the Box the other day. J'n'B is right across the street from where KCS parks its engines. Notice the number placement on the black background. One from the trip home from work the other day. SP 9752 shot looking in...
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    Lunch Shot : mini D- Rail

    I was wondering why I didn't hear the BNSF G&I local job (Beaumont,TX) pass by my office today. Looks like the engine had trouble at the switch on a spur going to a fence supply spur. I was about a few blocks away at a crossing, so nothing to write home about in the photo.
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    Second Amtrak incident at the same location in 2 weeks Looks like an 18 wheeler lost the tie today, last week a man chasing wild dogs off of his property got hit and killed about a block a way.
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