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  1. Trackside

    BNSF Investigating Tampering of Rail Lines in Southwest WA

    I wonder who in SW Washington would want to try and shut down the RR? Cough*Longshoremen*Cough.....
  2. Trackside

    Advice Needed: Taking Cascades From Seattle to Portland

    The family and I will be taking the train for an overnight trip to Portland and I wondered if anyone can school me on what works on the Portland side without a car. We will be traveling with 2 young children. Was hoping to find out about nearby hotels, attractions, and public transportation...
  3. Trackside

    A Morning at West Scenic

    I got an email from Martin Burwash that he was going up on the hill and wondered if I'd like to join him. I'd only been bugging the guy on and off for about 3 years so I wasn't about to pass it up. Like a lot of us, I really like Martin's collection especially the ones that including a...
  4. Trackside

    Loaded Grain Trains Returning to the Scenic Sub

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I heard from my most trusted source that loaded grain trains are returning to the Scenic Sub starting early next month!! Also spoke with another source that said the MOW steel & tie work on the Fallbridge Sub will last all summer with all-day absolute work windows. I am...
  5. Trackside

    Tracks in the Snow 2011

    This years even was the wettest by far, but it was once again a record crowd of railfan attending the event held on BNSF's Scenic Sub in Washington State. The event was the weekend of January 15 and I'm hoping some of the others who attended will post their pics as well! Big thanks to the crew...
  6. Trackside

    Additonal ATCS Monitor Coverage - Skykomish & Scenic are LIVE!!!

    Attention ATCS Monitor users. I am very pleased to announce that a new receiver site was installed over the weekend in Skykomish Washington providing another 20 plus miles of reliable controls and indications for the Scenic Sub internet stream. This additional coverage is between Baring and...
  7. Trackside

    High Traffic Totals on BNSF's Scenic Sub?

    Granted ATCS Monitor is not perfect, but I've found it to be fairly accurate when it comes to logging traffic totals and I have seen the 24 hour count go from a consistent 12 to 13 trains a day on the Scenic Sub over the summer including Amtrak to 19 to 24 trains in the last month :eek: I...
  8. Trackside

    Fall on the Scenic Sub 2010

    On Saturday I had the opportunity to got up on the hill with some good friends and catch what was suppose to be 8 trains in daylight with no more than a 1-1/2 hour lull. Well after a nice welcome on the radio from Monty the BNSF dispatcher he informed the crew of the morning eastbound Z that...
  9. Trackside

    BNSF Wenatchee Yard Address?

    Anyone have it because Google was no help? I want to send a few prints out to some of the friendly crews I photographed at this years Hot Rail event. Thanks in advance.
  10. Trackside

    Covington WA Location Needed for ATCS Monitor!!

    Yes I know Stampede has just been taken off the active list, but like last time I think it will be short lived. With that in mind I am part of a group of ATCS Monitor enthusiasts who are looking for a permanent resident of Covington with internet access who would be willing to allow us to...
  11. Trackside

    **Hot Rail Event 2010**

    Another great Hot Rail Event weekend! Great seeing so many of you Trackside, especially the hardcore NW Railfans braving the desert heat to get the shot. Another big group this year, I want to say we had 12 between Trinidad and Gaynor with the regulars and some new faces and even a few...
  12. Trackside

    Cab Car Video; King Street Station to Everett

    Wanted to share some video I took from the cab car on a Sounder train from from Everett to King Street Station that was reversed to give the feel of riding in the head end. As a railfan I've always appreciated videos like this to help give me a better understanding of the line and to scope...
  13. Trackside

    A Few Weeks Worth of Pics

    It's been a while since I posted shots from some of the lunchtime or after work, or even a quick Saturday rail fan trips I've taken, so here are some of those images. I hope you like. 1. A westbound vehicle train drops some Boeing high-wides at Mukilteo on the 8th of April. 2. Roberts Bank...
  14. Trackside

    The EVEROO - 48 Hour Turn Around

    Last Thursday I was in Mukilteo about 5 PM when the EVEROO (Everett to Roosevelt WA) garbage train came through with BNSF 5118 leading. Unfortunitly for the crew when they stopped at a red at MP 28 the engineer hit the head and didn't jump on the green fast enough for Dennis the dispatcher who...
  15. Trackside

    Chasing Grain on BNSF's Scenic Sub

    Last Saturday Steve Carter, his son Jacob, Jason Babila and I headed up on Stevens Pass to catch a rather rare and temporary train for Stevens Pass - a loaded grainer! I was really excited to catch the train and see it on the grade especially with all the DP's notched out. That was the #1 goal...
  16. Trackside

    Loaded Grain Train Approching Skykomish 3/14

    A loaded grain train is approaching Skykomish. Should be in Monroe by 4:15.
  17. Trackside

    Additional ATCSMon Coverage on BNSF's Bellingham Sub!

    Those in the ATCS-Monitor Community, About a month ago I was contacted by Jeff in Stanwood WA who mentioned interest in becoming a receiver site host. He purchased all his own equipment for the site and installed it last weekend. I spent about 40 minutes on the phone with Gary Dunn last...
  18. Trackside

    Scenic Picnic Point (WA State)

    Saw this train leave Delta via ATCS Monitor so I left work early to catch what turned out to be a garbage train (EVEROO) blazing through Picnic Point. She was a stinky one, but I love the heat wake and the short wait.....
  19. Trackside

    Loaded Grain Trains Return to Stevens in March 2010

    Just a heads-up. I received news from a very reliable source who told me BNSF plans to run loaded grain trains on Stevens Pass again starting at or around March 1st. This is due to the MOW work happening on the Fallbridge which will include 7 hour work windows. BNSF will us DP's in the 3x3x2...
  20. Trackside

    Anyone Rail Fan Stevens Today 2-20?

    After a super low of 7 trains for all of Friday including both Amtrak's, the pass had 9 trains in daylight today and about 19 in the last 24 which is rolling for this Sub lately. I made it Trackside in Snohomish at about 4:30/5pm today and saw a nice 330-some axle eastbound with 2 DPU's is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.