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  1. BN 4246

    Been kinda quiet on this forum regarding the 4014.

    That is correct. Steve Lee is no longer a part of the UP Steam Program. According to confirmed rumors, (I can't reveal my source), he was "retired," due in part to intentional speeding. Apparently he pushed the UP #844 over 90 mph for an extended period, while already authorized for 85 mph...
  2. BN 4246

    BNSF hiring at Interbay - question

    Howdy, So it looks like the BNSF is hiring at Interbay in Seattle for a Crane/Equipment Operator/Stocker. Can anybody expand on what exactly this job entails, in a little more real-world detail than the job announcement? Like, what is the work typically in a day, how are the benefits, how...
  3. BN 4246

    Northwest Spokane: street industrial tracks history/photos?

    Thanks Bruce and swcup! Great maps and information! I think swcup nailed it; that grade does look like it ends past TJ Meenach drive and would have spit the track out onto a trestle. Trying to determine now where that trestle might have ended on the other side...
  4. BN 4246

    BNSF track projects, WA State 2014

    I doubt it, personally. That line was expensive to maintain, and remote with limited access. It was prone to rockfalls and much of it had slide fencing, in and of itself expensive to maintain due to the fact one small rock through a wire could throw a red signal. Not to mention the line had...
  5. BN 4246

    Northwest Spokane: street industrial tracks history/photos?

    Thanks, Bill. I knew all of the trestles coming into town, having grown up there. I had no idea that there was ever a low-level crossing at Ft George Wright, though, that's fascinating to me. I spent time trying to trace where the street tracks (the ones that end near Maxwell) in NW Spokane...
  6. BN 4246

    Northwest Spokane: street industrial tracks history/photos?

    Cool! I'll have to see if I can track down a copy.
  7. BN 4246

    Northwest Spokane: street industrial tracks history/photos?

    I just spent the last hour tracing what's left of the ROW from the GN High Bridge across the valley on Google Maps. It's fascinating to find out where all the tracks used to be. I recall driving along Government Way toward Cheney and looking left and thinking, "that HAS to be where a train...
  8. BN 4246

    Northwest Spokane: street industrial tracks history/photos?

    By god, I think you've got it! That would make sense since I'd always heard the tracks going NW into West Spokane were GN. They must have cut them off and sold the line to the UP at some point. Fascinating map and postcard photo. I'd bet money that bridge is the railroad bridge. Thanks!
  9. BN 4246

    Northwest Spokane: street industrial tracks history/photos?

    I agree, thank you for posting those maps, Bruce. They're great, and really a huge part of what I was looking for. I thought the spur tracks past Ash were GN, not UP. And I always wondered if they crossed the river or went farther north somewhere. The .pdf that was posted seems to say that...
  10. BN 4246

    Northwest Spokane: street industrial tracks history/photos?

    Thanks for the replies everyone! I just now had time to check out the replies to my question. I'll enjoy looking through your posts. :)
  11. BN 4246

    Northwest Spokane: street industrial tracks history/photos?

    I'm curious about the railroad tracks in north/west Spokane, particularly west of Division Street that appear to have run almost all the way to the bluffs, crossing streets at grade, and sometimes running right down the center of West Spokane streets. Can anyone direct me toward historical...
  12. BN 4246

    Mount Vernon Terminal

    Neat! Thanks for posting!
  13. BN 4246

    8924 last SD45, final run

    Here's a photo of her with the 1617 in Cheney. The 1617 was having starting issues - notice the engineer climbing the long hood?
  14. BN 4246

    8924 last SD45, final run

    That is sad! What is the EWG replacing her with?
  15. BN 4246

    SP&S 700 Holiday Special

    Thanks for posting these. I'd have liked to make it down, but I couldn't this year. She's my favorite of the Northerns. My Christmas wish? Get her back out on the mainline in the Gorge and let her romp! Or dare I say it, another Montana trip?
  16. BN 4246

    Cascade Tunnel question?

    That looks like Snoqualmie Pass to me. Cascade Tunnel is on Stevens Pass, off of US Highway 2. If you were on I-90 through Snoqualmie, your picture is of the old Milwaukee Road line across the pass. It is now a hiking/biking trail called the John Wayne/Iron Horse Trail. I believe the line is...
  17. BN 4246

    A few Pictures from Tulsa, OK

    That box over the headlight looks like a home-made bell cover. I'd guess it's to make it difficult for someone to steal the bell off the engine.
  18. BN 4246

    Ferromex on the BNSF

    Why is the BNSF short on power? Aren't their hundreds of locomotives still in storage? Has traffic come back that much that there is no power? I mean, I haven't seen lots of SD60Ms or SD40-2s or anything a little older that were mothballed when the economy fell apart, running around now. A few...
  19. BN 4246

    BNSF Investigating Tampering of Rail Lines in Southwest WA

    Personally, I find it verrrrryyy eeeenteresting that the vast majority of people I talk to have something negative to say about the longshoremen. Can you say "monopoly?"
  20. BN 4246

    Up 6936

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