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    Comment by 'Superchief3751' in media 'ATCX 442 RSD-15'

    Nice to see this old beast still roaming around.
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    Comment by 'Superchief3751' in media 'NIWX 2891 & WRIX 3000 east of Reardan WA'

    Nice to see some classics still out and about.
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    Comment by 'Superchief3751' in media '4993 at the Big Curve'

    Well done. Shots where you can get an entire train of this length in the view finder are hard to come by.
  4. Ethanol Cans

    Ethanol Cans

    UP 6055 leads a long string of empty ethanol cans eastbound along the San Francisco Bay. The mid-afternoon light wasn't the greatest, but I've long wanted to get a shot of a freight train at this spot. Beggars can't be choosers.
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    Comment by 'Superchief3751' in media 'Alabama Southern Railroad'

    Great shot and great location.
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    Comment by 'Superchief3751' in media 'NS'S Georgia Division Atlanta North District'

    So is this what happened to the old Oakways that used to be on BNSF?
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    Comment by 'Superchief3751' in media 'BNSF 2131 Hits a snowdrift at Neola, Iowa'

    Now that's what I call dashing through the snow!
  8. BNSF's Steel Freeway

    BNSF's Steel Freeway

    Looking like it's coming, BNSF 7333 is actually the trailing DPU pushing a long stack train east. Having just departed LA, the train is now passing through the Green River golf course on the Orange County/Riverside County line. In the past several years, BNSF has triple tracked much of their...
  9. The Coast Starlight at Gaviota

    The Coast Starlight at Gaviota

    Northbound train #14 crosses the big trestle at Gaviota state beach, a spot made famous over the years by many photos of SP Daylight trains at this location.
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    Comment by 'Superchief3751' in media 'NS'S Alabama Division Birmingham East District'

    It certainly is a nice treat. I haven't seen one of these in my neck of CA in over a year.
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    Comment by 'Superchief3751' in media 'CSXT'S S&NA South Sub'

    I wish they would send them this direction!
  12. Clattering Across Niles Junction

    Clattering Across Niles Junction

    UP 7650 hits the diamond as it crosses the former WP main line into Niles Canyon. At one time, this was a junction between the SP and Western Pacific. SP's line split in two just past the diamond and both lines rejoined in San Jose. WP's line headed east to Stockton. Today, everything is owned...
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    Comment by 'Superchief3751' in media 'BNSF Transfer'

    Great catch with the GP40X.
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    Comment by 'Superchief3751' in media '4449 runby'

    Nice action shot.
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    From Niles Junction to Santa Clara

    After Niles, I headed south to Alviso, a small town which actually sits slightly below sea level along the San Francisco Bay, surrounded by levees. Alviso was once a happening place, a major port city within the bay. Interestingly, it was the railroad which caused its decline. The completion of...
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    From Niles Junction to Santa Clara

    Man, it's been a while since I posted here. It's also been a while since I had a good day of railfanning. I was finally able to go out yesterday and spend the day photographing trains from Niles Junction in Fremont down all the way down to the little town of Alviso on the northern end of Santa...
  17. Worth the Wait

    Worth the Wait

    This normally on time Capitol Corridor train was 45 minutes late, but I was glad I suck around to see Amtrak 184 leading, and perfectly reflected in the water below. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to