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    Skelton Junction in the UK

    What makes a good post? I am not exactly sure. Many of mine are somewhat self-indulgent. I see something I want to investigate and I write about it. ... There are older threads about Skelton Junction and surrounding lines on which I reference towards the end of this post...
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    I have just picked up a copy of Global Railway Review. The July 2019 issue. The feature article focusses on infrastructure in Slovenia. It can also be found on line ( Jo, my wife, and I travelled to Slovenia in 2006 and stayed in Bled...
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    British Railways Standard Locomotives

    1951 was the year of the Standard Steam Locomotive. The Railway Magazine of the time focussed on the development of these locos. Rather than just looking backwards to those days, it is good to listen to and read things from the perspective of the time...
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    Westward Ho!

    An independent standard-gauge line with no direct connection into the wider network. ....... The first section of the line was completed in 1901, the full line finished in 1908. All of the track and rolling stock were requisitioned during the war and the railway closed in 1917. The materials...
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    The Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Light Railway and the Nesscliffe MoD Training Area

    Apologies for the long title for this thread. I was challenged by someone who read my posts about the Bicester Military Railway and about MoD Kinston to look at the Nescliffe Camp. I have started by looking at the feeder railway which was commandeered by the military and this has become a post...
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    The Longest Load to Run on Rails? Or .... Narrow Gauge in Caithness, Scotland

    We crossed back from Orkney today and drove via John O'Groats and Wick before heading south through Inverness. About 6 miles north of Wick on the A99 we drove over a narrow gauge (metre-gauge) line. This was a surprise and it needed to be investigated. .... This post is the result...
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    The Sheffield, Ashton-under-Lyne & Manchester Railway

    I don't think that I have posted anything about one of my local railways before? This is a very short reflection on how the struggles of this smaller company ultimately left the Great Central Railway with its own financial struggles! It may not be without controversy...
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    Orkney Railways

    My wife and I are on holiday on Orkney (April 2019). Naively we thought that this would be a holiday away from railways ..... No chance!
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    The Guinness Brewery Railways, Dublin

    The St. James's Gate Brewery belonging to Guinness had what was apparently, apart from the bog railways of the Midlands, the longest private railway system in Ireland. In total there were 10 miles of track of which 8 miles were narrow gauge. There were some interesting innovations in lured...
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    The Cavan and Leitrim Railway

    The Extension I have started work on a study of the Cavan and Leitrim Railway in Ireland and hopefully the first post on the two main lines will be ready soon. While I was reading various sources on-line and Patrick Flanagan's book about the line, I became aware of a series of attempts to...
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    The Stinkwood Railway, Knysna, South Africa

    The April 1951 edition of The Railway Magazine carried a short article about a 2ft-gauge logging line in South Africa. The article was entitled, The Stinkwood Line. It drew my attention and I thought that it was worth investigation. It turns out that the article was not as accurate as it might...
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    The West Clare Railway

    This thread is the result of reading another article in The Railway Magazine, this time from the May 1951 edition! This time we are in the Republic of Ireland, specifically in County Clare. The May 1951 edition of the magazine carried an article on the 3ft gauge light railway which ran from...
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    The East Cornwall Mineral Railway

    I have just enjoyed reading the first article in the May 1951 edition of The Railway Magazine. That article covered the East Cornwall Mineral Railway which started life as 3ft 6in narrow gauge line. As a result I have spent a little time researching the line. This is the first of two planned...
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    The Railways of l'Herault

    The secondary railways of the French Departement of the Herault were built to standard gauge. They were usually built to light rail standards although on occasions were strengthened to carry more substantial traffic. The region had a significant viniculture and wine was one of the major...
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    The Railways of Bouches de Rhone

    This post begins a series looking at the secondary lines in the French Departement of Bouches du Rhone. The first line we focus on is a standard gauge line from Tarascon sur Rhone to Plan d'Orgon.
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    Monorails of the 19th Century - Book Review

    I have been enjoying Adrian Garner's book "Monorails of the 19th Century." I have recently purchased it because it has a couple of chapters about Lartigue Monorails. Here is the review:
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    Britain's Lost Railways

    At Christmas 2018, a friend gave me a book by John Minnis entitled 'Britain's Lost Railways'. It would be natural to assume that this was a book about the different lines that have been lost throughout the UK. This is, however, a book about the lost infrastructure that surrounds the railway...
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    Rails in the Road

    I was given a copy of the book by Oliver Green, 'Rails in the Road' as a Christmas present. I have just finished reading it. The link below is to a review of the book. It is a large, coffee-table-sized book with a price tag of £30.00. It is illustrated throughout with high quality contemporary...
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    The Penydarren Tramroad

    The Railway Magazine, March 1951, carried a short note about the Penydarren Tramway as well as an article about Richard Trevithick and his locomotive which first ran on the Tramway in February 1804. The first steam locomotive on rails ..... This post pulls together information from a number of...
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    The Kelvedon and Tollesbury Light Railway

    I am continuing to read through old copies of ‘The Railway Magazine’. This time it is the December 1950 edition. It contains a short article about the Kelvedon and Tollesbury Light Railway in Essex. This article held my interest because it relates to a line not too far from Braintree in Essex... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to