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  1. Itsed65

    Chasing trains east of Reno NV

    I was originally going to post these on my east bay thread, but there are so many pictures, I decided to make a separate thread for them. So on another trip to Nevada, I had some time to head east of Reno and chase some trains again. Much higher speeds are required to get ahead of trains out...
  2. Itsed65

    Photos from my recent trips to the Feather River Canyon

    So as it’s a couple of hundred miles away from my normal area of train watching, I will put these shots in a separate post. This is a compilation of two trips up to the Feather River canyon over the last couple of weeks. It's always a bit hit or miss traffic wise up there, and sure enough, I...
  3. Itsed65

    Pics from a quick trip to the Portland/Vancouver area

    I just got back from a couple of days up in the Portland Vancouver area. It wasn't a train watching trip by any means, but I did get a couple of shots in! The first night as I was approaching my hotel in McMinneville, I caught a local Portland & Western with some classic EMD power at the...
  4. Itsed65

    My Saturday chasing trains in the Feather River Canyon

    Along with other forum members, and tons of other assorted railfans, I was out and about on Highway 70 this last Saturday chasing trains during the re-route off of Donner. I have been on this highway before, but never actively chasing trains, so it was a new experience. If I did it again, I...
  5. Itsed65

    Railfanning California's central valley on the hottest day of the year so far.

    Since these aren't my normal east bay area shots, I will put them in a separate thread. So yeah, it wasn't the best day to head over the hill from my place, but it was the only Saturday I have off this month and I had it free, so with super big gulp, a good hat and a couple of cameras, off I...
  6. Itsed65

    Road trip to Truckee and Portola California

    So I took a few days last week to head up to Reno for a mini vacation, which always includes a trip to the WP museum in Portola. I headed up on Thursday morning with plenty of time to spare, so I pulled off the Interstate in Sacramento (Roseville actually) to see if anything was going on at...
  7. Itsed65

    Train chasing around Reno NV

    I had a few days off so I made the 3 hour drive up to Reno to get away for a bit. There is some good train watching around the area... The first couple of days had some good clouds around the mountains, that work very nicely to diffuse direct sunlight. I caught Amtrak #6, the eastbound...
  8. Itsed65

    Western Railway Museum

    We had a beautiful weekend here in Northern California, and I was out and about chasing trains, but this time, a bit of a different flavor. The Western Railway museum (in between Fairfield and Rio Vista CA on Hwy 12) is running their wildflower special at this time of year, so I thought I would...
  9. Itsed65

    Weekend trip to Reno

    This past weekend, I managed to actually get some time to take a road trip up to Reno. While it was not a rail fanning getaway, I did take some time away from the casinos to go take some pictures. At Verdi Nevada, I found a nice spot along the Truckee river and the tracks to park for a while...
  10. Itsed65

    Tillamook Bay

    Was migrating from one computer to another and found these old shots from a trip I took a couple of years ago. The Port of Tilamook Bay up in Oregon had these old SD-9s parked out by an airplane hangar. I don't know if they are still up there, but it was a fun trip (and if you are ever there, be...
  11. Itsed65

    Zephryr with UP exec cars

    So I was out playing with my new 100-400 zoom lens when the Zephyr came by with two UP executive cars in tow. Kind of neat to see and I wish I had a different lens on the camera and I could have gotten better shots, but I did the best I could with the big zoom and thought people might still like...
  12. Itsed65

    Time for new (L) glass

    OK, so I have run into some extra cash lately (the only good thing about mandated overtime I guess), and want to upgrade at the longer reach range of my gear. I shoot with a Canon 40D and a 5DII. I'm thinking of either a 100-400L or the 300 F4L. I already have the canon 70-200 2.8L and the...
  13. Itsed65

    Some photos of my railfanning around the East Bay

    I live in Pinole CA, so I am pretty fortunate to live very close to some great areas to watch trains. I am constantly, if not always successfully, trying to improve my photographic skills, and with the great weather we have had lately around these parts, I have been taking a lot of pics, so I...
  14. Itsed65

    Nostalgic lashup in Hercules CA

    Every Sunday a group of road switchers makes the run from Martinez to Oakland, and then back few hours later. This past October, I caught this rather eclectic mix of Geeps rolling through Hercules. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to