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  1. Amtrak enters Chapelle semaphores

    Amtrak enters Chapelle semaphores

    Amtrak\'s Southwest Chief, the eastbound No. 4, rounds the curve at WSS Chapelle, the west end of the Chapelle, N.M., siding, in July 2015. These semaphores are between Lamy, N.M., and Las Vegas, N.M., but immediately north of the S-Curves and closer to Las Vegas. The exit off I-25 is Bernal...
  2. ohle

    Gallup N.M. railfanning questions....

    I am planning to visit the Guam, N.M., area, east of Gallup, N.M., soon and want take some photos of Amtrak's EB with the red rocks in the background. Am inquiring how to travel to the spot to take that kind of pic. In my earlier trips, I only made it to the rail bridge/ underpass the gravel...
  3. ohle

    RAW vs. JPEG

    If you're on a trip out of state, to a locale you may only visit once every year or two, tend to like to take as many pics as I can. What if one shot is blurry? You have 8 others. However, I didn't hold the shutter down and get 9 fps RAW. Just kept shooting every second, as the train wasn't...
  4. ohle

    Upgrading tripod... to ball head

    Upgraded from my Manfrotto/ Bogen 3001D I purchased in 2004. The 3001D had a Bogen 056 head, which I enjoyed using. Purchased this Oben AC-2310L 3-Section Aluminum Lateral Tripod with BA-0 Ball Head Kit...
  5. ohle

    RAW vs. JPEG

    I shoot many bec. like making love with your wife, you wanna do it over and over and over...:p I can get the train's engine at various spots as it crosses the bridge or rounds the canyon curve. Am traveling to the desert SW soon to get such canyon pics in northern New Mexico, of Glorieta and...
  6. ohle

    RAW vs. JPEG

    Realize now I may have been shooting things wrong. Will shoot in burst when catching a speeding Amtrak train at one scene, when I can get 9 images easily. The kind of scene I'm talking about is a slow-moving train on a wide mountain curve. Seems like I may have done too many shots in...
  7. ohle

    RAW vs. JPEG

    Have focused on RAW pics for my Canon T1i, as the camera allows up to 9 images in rapid burst. However, in scenes where many more photos can be taken, waiting for the processing makes me miss some photos. On my upcoming trip to the southwest, plan to shoot primarily in JPEG where I can take...
  8. ohle

    Lens filter question

    Just purchased a Hoya Pro1 67mm digital filter for my Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 SP XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) lens I use on my Canon T1i DSLR. Haven't used the filter yet. Am curious if this kind of UV filter will help remove distracting brightness or shine like seen on these photos. The photos...
  9. ohle

    Shutter speed for capturing fast trains

    Good info here. I always use a tripod unless it's not an important shot. I first shot that locomotive shop scene hand-held using IS. It was a cloudy overcast day and I wanted to see if IS would help. A tripod would have been better on that one and the other days i visited were bright sunny.
  10. ohle

    Shutter speed for capturing fast trains

    I don't use auto focus in rail photography except for static objects like engines. I tried auto the other day and the 55mm-250mm Canon telephoto kept "searching" for the focus and the image was blurred. I quickly turned it to manual focus and it worked better. Except for the fact I was...
  11. ohle

    Shutter speed for capturing fast trains

    Hey, don't worry. This is NOT overload and it isn't in any way boring. Good info. Thanks for your help here.
  12. ohle

    Shutter speed for capturing fast trains

    RE: ISO speeds. Are DSLR ISO speeds comparable to film SLR speeds? I notice my film SLR goes down to ASA 50 and lower. Is 100 ISO on a Canon DSLR similar to 50 on a film SLR? My XSI/450D only goes down to 100. On my film camera, I tended to stay away from 200 ISO for railroad photography and...
  13. ohle

    Shutter speed for capturing fast trains

    Good information here, all the answers. Thanks for the help. I took the lens off auto focus, as I felt it wouldn't focus on the right object. I manually focused it on the bridge/ tracks ahead of time. I assume it was flying by at 79 mph. I think that's the top speed between Auburndale...
  14. ohle

    Shutter speed for capturing fast trains

    What's the best shutter speed to catch speeding Amtrak trains? I used 1/500 today shooting Amtrak's Silver Star going I think 80 mph on a side view shot. 50mm lens at f/1.8. The pic doesn't look as sharp as it should be. I have been using 1/500 for slowing fast trains, but I'm...
  15. Rounding the curve in front of Starvation Peak

    Rounding the curve in front of Starvation Peak

    Amtrak Southwest Chief No. 3 rounds the curve in front of Starvation Peak at Chapelle in the northern New Mexico semaphore district.
  16. Descending Raton Pass

    Descending Raton Pass

    Amtrak Southwest Chief No. 3 finishes its descent of Raton Pass and approaches the north side of Raton, N.M.
  17. Blasting through scenic northern New Mexico

    Blasting through scenic northern New Mexico

    Amtrak Southwest Chief No. 4 blasts through the scenic areas of northern New Mexico near Rowe after a rain storm.
  18. Glorieta division scenic

    Glorieta division scenic

    Westbound Amtrak Southwest Chief No. 3 rounds a curve on the Glorieta division near Rowe, N.M.
  19. ohle

    Upgrading to DSLR from Canon Powershot G6

    I purchased the Canon FD-EOS lens adapter. While it did properly connect the older FD lenses, the zoom lens works only as a macro, blurring all background of subjects you focus on. That's not good for scenic railway shots I take. Even the 50mm and 28 mm prime lenses don't work so great. So I...
  20. ohle

    Upgrading to DSLR from Canon Powershot G6

    The XSI is working well. I've only taken it out for one day, last Saturday, and got some shots in cloudy and semi-cloudy weather. This camera is much better and easier to use than the GS-7 power shot I was using. When zooming, I often out of habit used my right hand fingers, like I did with... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to