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  1. DelmonteX

    NP Dining Car In Tacoma - Kickstarter

    A 1910 NP Dining car that was moved from Easton WA, to Tacoma a few years for restoration is under the gun to be moved. The LeMay Family Collection has offered a permanent home for storage and restoration. The owner of the car needs to raise 17k by end of the month to get the car to this new...
  2. DelmonteX

    Mount Rainier Scenic Night Shoot

    MRSR held a photo charter this past Saturday. I was only able to make it out to the event for the night session. A big thanks to the MRSR staff and volunteers. I'm pretty sure they were all pretty tired after such a long day. I haven't been up there since the "shops" became the "Museum"...
  3. DelmonteX

    TEMCO 219 - Last Days

    TEMCO 219, an SW1200, former NP 219, which has sat at the end of a stub track at the TEMCO facility in Tacoma for several years, has made it's last move. Not a long one and not under it's owner power. It was moved a few hundred feet and is currently being scrapped on site. Here's a...
  4. DelmonteX

    BNSF Sumas Sub

    What kind of action is the Sumas Sub seeing this days? A quick flyover with Google Earth indicates there appears to still be some customers online.
  5. DelmonteX

    Cdtx 2010

    is the lead unit on todays #11 out of Seattle. This unit was recently re-powered (EMD 710 ECO) and painted. At least the painting was done at Progress Rail in Tacoma (ex CEECO facility).
  6. DelmonteX

    Interesting Train on the Seattle Sub

    This afternoon about 1:30 a southbound BNSF train rolled past Pioneer (University Place, WA). Headend had a BNSF unit in the lead and two CN units trailing. Mid train were three more BNSF units and the rear DPU's were a BNSF and a CP unit. Train consisted of grey 3 bay covered hoppers...
  7. DelmonteX

    Day and Night

    Here's some of my shots thus far. First up is a shot from Anderson Island featuring the whole train and non-steaming volcano. Thursday night featured a night photo session at Tacoma Rail. Here's our host, Bob, spotting the 4449 with the rods just right. A couple of MP15's...
  8. DelmonteX

    Tacoma Area Odds 'n Ends

    The Port of Tacoma's new Lincoln Ave overpass has been completed (just in time for the city of Tacoma to close the Lincoln Ave bridge over the Puyallup for 6 months). The overpass has a sidewalk on the west side and provides some nice new vista's of Tacoma Rails operations in the area...
  9. DelmonteX

    Problem on the Scenic sub??

    This afternoon there were three northbound trains cooling there heals in Tacoma. A +-7200' stack train with 8 units on the point and a couple of DPU's and a manifest. They had the Tacoma Main and Main 1 clogged through and south of 21st st. A nb loaded coal train was told to tie...
  10. DelmonteX

    Power Move

    A 13 unit light engine move left Tacoma NB around 7:30 pm today. I believe they were calling the train the Tacoma-Wenatachee.
  11. DelmonteX

    Sound Transit's Missing Mile

    Has there been an official decision on the Pacific Ave crossing in the middle of the D to M st missing mile? Constuction is under way along this route. I checked Sound Transits project pages and there is not a word (least I could find) about the construction of the crossing. The big...
  12. DelmonteX

    Something new from a mouthy detector

    For me anyway. Somewhere in the vicinity of Longview, WA along the BNSF Seattle sub, a detector annouced a train and then 'dissed it by saying "Train too slow". Never heard that before. How's that work, and what is supposed to be the crews response if any?
  13. DelmonteX

    Tacoma Incident Report

    At least up here in the Pacific NW, we seem to be off to a record setting year of stupidity on the rails. A couple weeks ago, while returning from a trip on Steven's Pass, I ran across this group on the Scenic Sub mainline just outside Everett, WA. Yesterday I heard over the...
  14. DelmonteX

    Garbage Riders

    I sometimes feel like railfanning is like baseball. Watch a game and you'll see something new each time! Today I spent an interesting half hour or so at the Tacoma Amtrak station watching and mildly participating in a little drama featuring a BNSF garbage train (EVEROO), some unwanted...
  15. DelmonteX

    BNSF Tacoma LUGO line moving

    BNSF 8225 is leading a string of 10 SD75's (several Warbonnets), northbound out of Tacoma. Crew's on board (8pm) and they look like they are ready to depart after a SB UP intermodal clears. That leaves 3 more SD75's in storage at Tacoma. Also, CN 2457, a blue unit with I.C. markings...
  16. DelmonteX

    Another Fatality on the BNSF Seattle Sub

    Cascades 516 struck and killed a woman in Puyallup WA, between SR 512 and 7th st at around 5:56 pm on Thursday 6/24. The line was cordoned off for 90 minutes for the investigation. No info so far as to why she was on the tracks. Relief crew called for 516. Southbound Sounders must...
  17. DelmonteX

    Loaded Coal in Auburn, WA

    About 1 pm today, I noticed a coal train on the wye in Auburn. East (south) leg of the wye. Couldn't see the power, but why would it be on the wye?
  18. DelmonteX

    Steilacoom Paper Mill

    Procrastination rears it's ugly head. How many times did I drive by the Abitibi Consolidated paper mill at Steilacoom? I stopped once to ask permission to photography the little switch engine rusting away in a shed. I was told to leave a card and someone would get back to me. They never...
  19. DelmonteX

    Woodinville, WA

    Can someone tell me the name of the line that leaves the wye at Woodinville, WA heading west and perhaps tell me a little bit about it? I traced it as far as the north end of Lake Washington. Is that where it ended or did continue on to a connection with the current BNSF mains?
  20. DelmonteX

    High Priority Garbage?

    Is this the ZEVEROO? :rolleyes: Anyone have an info on this train? Three units and six double stacks, seems rather unusual. Through Steilacoom WA on Monday 5/10/2010. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to