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  1. cajon

    Comment by 'cajon' in media 'LAJ 2571 In OKC'

    It's now been repainted as Santa Fe again!
  2. cajon

    Comment by 'cajon' in media 'Los Angeles Junction Railway - A Yard'

    The view is actually looking SE. East would be looking across the LA River to the left.
  3. cajon

    Comment by 'cajon' in media 'LAJ CF7'

    The LAJ has not been a part of the City of Los Angeles since 1960 when the City of Commerce was incorporated. Incorporation of Vernon & Maywood occurred in 1905 & 1924 respectively. One has to wonder how "Los Angeles" became part of the LAJ name!
  4. cajon

    Video of a EB BNSF Train Moving thru Cajon Pass

    Wrightwood is about 10 miles NW of Cajon Siding!
  5. cajon

    Video of a EB BNSF Train @ Wrightswood CA

    Wrightwood has NO RR tracks going through it!
  6. cajon

    Rare GP 60M @ Interbay, WA and in new paint BNSF paint scheme.

    Most of the GP60Ms are now doing local switching & not working long distance runs.
  7. cajon

    Video of a WB BNSF Stack Train Moves Thru Wrightswood CA

    The town of Wrightwood is about 8-10 NE ot your video if it was shot at Cajon Siding where the north & south tracks come together again.
  8. cajon

    Video of a NB UPRR Tank Car Train @ Austin TX

    Looks like an ethanol train w/ 2 covered hopper buffers between diesels & tank cars.
  9. cajon

    Keddie Wye - Bucket List!

    There used to be a 3rd leg thru the hill but it's not used any more.
  10. cajon

    Fare dodger on a freight train

    In the US on freight trains they are called hobos. And in this case he could have been an RR employee
  11. cajon

    US Roadtrip 2017 - 8: Waiting for Helpers at Route 66 (50 p.)

    In the BNSF era, they are unmanned helpers or DPUs.
  12. cajon

    Comment by 'cajon' in media 'BNSF 1201 spotting at Dunn'

    Chris Going to be modeling the LAJ including the #5 Short Laguna Switch Lead. Did you happen to get any shots of the tank cars spotted at Dunn-Edwards? Can see TCSX (Tank Car Services Inc. they also had JBIX & MBBX) on the closest tank car. Charlie Slater in his notes on Short Laguna...
  13. cajon

    How close do tracks get to one another?

    The old ATSF Barstow yard tracks used to be on 13' centerlines requiring the yard crews to walk on top of the cars to switch them.. At that spacing there wasn't enough room to walk between the cars much less give hand signals, especially at night.
  14. cajon

    Railroad Sign Questions (Pictures)

    The "W" is to tell the engineer to whistle for an upcoming grade Xing.
  15. cajon

    New lense for XSi

    What's a "lense" LOL
  16. cajon

    Oil Can id question

    Here's what a NH modeler had to say about this artifact: However it appears to be an oil can from around the 1900-25 era. I'm no expert on these things but just the way it looks manufactured of tin and the rolled metal handle that is soldered on. You can just barely see a seam in the can...
  17. cajon

    Some graffiti for you.

    How can anyone call gangbanger CRAPitty art? LOL Carmen & hobo monikers were the real RR art!
  18. cajon

    Union Pacific Railroad Invests More Than $13 Million for Track Improvements to Its Ut

    $13 mil is really nothing more than routine track maintenance. Compare that to what's being spent on double tracking the Sunset route.
  19. cajon

    When "long hood" forward, is engineer on wrong side?

    Back in the steam days it was the fireman's responsibility to tell the engineer what was happening on the left side. On LHF trains today it's the conductors responsibility.
  20. cajon

    Trucking Company now blaming Amtrak and UP

    This is just the mouthpieces playing CYA games for the trucking company. They are diverting the blame from the trucking company to everything & everybody they can get away with. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to