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    MRL OCS train at Spokane WA

    Got word that the 6-car MRL Officer Car Special train was headed our way from Pasco with SD70ACE 4312 on the point. I took the following pictures at Spokane St, just east of downtown. The stack train on the adjacent track is westbound.
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    Riding Portland Oregon's MAX system and the streetcar lines

    On Saturday 11/24/2012 I undertook the task of riding all the rail route miles of the Portland Oregon MAX light rail and their streetcar lines. This was remarkably inexpensive as an "Honored Citizen", ie 65yo or more, day pass cost only $2 and was good on the entire MAX system, the streetcars...
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    8924 last SD45, final run

    Yesterday, 8/8/2012, SD45 NIWX 8924 made its last run on the Eastern Washington Gateway RR, a one-way trip from Cheney WA to locomotive dealer Western Rail in Airway Heights WA. 8924 was the last of the 3 SD45s that EWG began operations with 5 years ago, and the only one still serviceable...
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    BNSF Officer's train

    Sooooo --- Monday afternoon finds me getting two units ready to head west with an empty grain train on the EWG railroad. I hear a horn and see a silver string behind a very clean BNSF 6790. Quick --- dash from the 8924 to the 3000 where my camera is inside of my grip. The first 3 pictures...
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    EWG fueling stop

    Eastern Washington Gateway's 3 big motors, 375 (SD45) 8924 (SD45) and 2891 (SD40T-2R), have stopped for fuel 12/5/2011 near the Inland Northwest Rail Museum west of Reardan WA. This train left Cheney WA with 107 empty grain cars but after spotting 5 at Hite...
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    EWG doings ... and the caboose

    1) a sunny April 8, 2011 catches 4 locomotives in 4 paint schemes gathering an eastbound grain train at Coulee City, WA. SD45 375 in MRL paint, SD45 8924 in SCL paint, GP20 3043 in DMVW paint and GP7 1617 in LC paint. 2) 1617 spotting loads of cement for unloading on 4/14/2011. We are on...
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    Bnsf 9647 one of a kind paint

    BNSF 9647 is a SD70MAC which wears a unique paint scheme apparently considered for BNSF before they settled on the various versions of orange. I believe that 9647 is the only unit wearing this blue and silver color scheme. It is based somewhat on the Santa Fe warbonnet, at least the nose of the...
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    Winter comes to central Washington

    Winter visits the EWG in Washington state. This group of pictures were taken on a westbound trip with empty grain cars. It is mid-morning on Tuesday Nov 23, 2010. 1) west of Hartline WA we push through some small drifts, creating a "white out" condition. 2) we are approaching the siding...
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    EWG and the Tunnel Motor

    Perhaps a more proper title for this post might be "Requiem for the 8925". SD45 8925 has recently developed turbo charger problems. The mechanical clutch will not disengage at higher rpm's with the result that the engine cannot be run beyond throttle 5. As the cost of turbo repair is quite...
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    abandoned trolley

    I came across this apparently abandoned trolley this weekend. It is about 16 miles west of Salt Lake City Utah, visible from I-80, and about 1 mile east of the old Saltair resort building, exit 104. It appears to be the genuine thing; not some fake. The trucks are genuine McGuire Cummings...
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    Track work east of Spokane

    I don't claim to know much about track work and the machines that do a lot of it, except to say that I have a lot of respect for the men and machines that do it. Their good work ethic and attention to detail keep the rest of us safe! So I am sitting at the computer when I hear strange sounds...
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    Gp35 dmvw 324

    The current Trains Magazine Special Edition No. 5-2010 "Locomotive 2010" has an excellent article by Evan Werkema titled "Something about the GP35". On page 64 he devotes an entire paragraph to Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western GP 35 #324. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered this...
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    EWG doings

    On Labor day, Monday 9/6/2010, EWG received a 110 car empty grain train from BNSF at Cheney WA. The first place we could swap power without plugging grade crossings was the siding at Medical Lake, at about MP 10.5. I took all 4 EWG units there ahead of the train. We then cut off the BNSF...
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    stop and shoot on the EWG

    Yesterday (7/21/2010) I had a short train of empty tank cars coming out of storage and moving east to Cheney for interchange with BNSF. I exercised hogger's prerogative and STOPPED the train to take a few pictures This scenic area is just south of highway 2 and a few miles east of Creston...
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    MILW Hudson 103

    Can any of you midwesterners or MILW fans identify the location of this picture? It is one of my dad's, probably taken in 1948 somewhere on the mainline between Lacrosse and Milwaukee WI. The coal dock at the extreme left should be a good clue, along with the water column and the station platform.
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    Action on the Geiger Spur

    The "Geiger Spur" is a 5 mile industrial lead off of Eastern Washington Gateway's (EWG) 108 mile Central Washington line that runs from Cheney WA to Coulee City WA. The spur leaves the mainline at milepost 8. The first 3 miles is new construction, completed about 1-1/2 years ago to fulfill the... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to