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    BC Rail as a BNSF DPU

    Caught these two shots of a BC Rail engine working as a DPU on a BNSFeastbound stack train at Lowell, WA, (Everett). Martin Burwash
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    Big Power on a Local

    Taken a few weeks back, a lone SD 60M works a local job out the Anacortes Branch. Switching done for the time being, the short train awaits a new crew at Fredonia, WA. (Would post color shots of this and the crude oil trains, but I can't figure out how to get my camera out of gray scale...
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    Dakota Crude In WA

    Here's one of the BNSF crude oil unit trains crossing the Swinomish Slough swing bridge on the last leg of the trip to the refineries near Anacortes, WA
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    Interesting Talgo on B'ham Sub 11/27

    An empty Talgo was traveling south on the B'ham sub this morning. Went by Fir/Conway at about 7:15. Had an Amtrak engine on the point, the cars were totally empty of passengers and personale, no locomotive/power car on the rear. Was moving closer to freight train speed, maybe even a bit...
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    SD 60M on the Aniie Branch

    BNSF north end fans: a single green/white face BNSF SD 60M is out switching Fredonia on the Anacortes Branch this morning...11/20. Martin Burwash
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    UP/SP in the Far North

    A little late, but a northbound freight on the B'ham Sub went past Fir/Conway this morning with a UP and SP unit in consist. BNSF was leading, then the UP with the SP trailing. Might want to watch for them if they return south.... Martin Burwash
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    Blog Update

    I just updated my blog with a report on the trip I took last Sept. with my Old Man to the MRL. It's not hardcore railfanning, so beware! You can see it at: and thanks for looking. Martin Burwash
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    CP Consist southbound on B'Ham Sub

    A BNSF coal empty went by Fir/Conway, WA southbound around 16:00 11/28 with a straight set of CP power, no NOT CN, CP power on the point, no DPU. Coal cars were the usual mixed bag of BNSF. Martin Burwash
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    Wellington Video

    For anyone interested, here's a video shot by Ross Fotheringham of a group of us exploring the remains of Wellington. Other than the clown doing all the talking, I think Ross did a great job. Martin Burwash
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    SB Coal MT

    08:45 Just saw a coal empty roll through Fir/Conway (WA) with an NS unit as one of the DPU's. Martin Burwash
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    Gettin' Busy at Berne

    On March 12 I decided to once again do the "Snow King Harrington Memorial Hike" from the east portal of the Cascade Tunnel, down to "old Gaynor," (East Berne switch) and back. Train-wise, it was an excellent day as the havoc over in Montana the previous week had been cleared, and the flood of...
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    101 years ago tonight, 43 railroaders, 18 postal workers and 35 passengers onboard Great Northern #25 were killed at Wellington, Washington. My God give peace to their souls and to those who tried so hard to keep the disaster from happening. Let's never forget what they did..... Martin...
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    Really Old Photo

    Imagine doing this today! The crew of a Great Northern freight switching Tacoma had no issue with my dad and I climbing on top of their train to catch the action. Taken circa 1967-8 with my old Kodak Brownie box camera, cheap 620 film, dime store processing at the ripe old age of 14. Martin...
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    The Best (?)-O-Burwash

    Considering I took very few photos this year, pretty much impossible to find 10 good ones. However, here's a couple from my one trip to MRL land that turned out okay. Martin Burwash An eagle's view of the Austin Gulch, (Skyline Trestle) Mullan Pass. A retake of the classic...
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    Merry Christmas

    Have a great holiday with friends, family and everyone else, for that matter! Martin Burwash
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    Some of the Guys

    There's all kinds of threads about the trains we see/have about on ongoing thread about some of the people we've met over the years? Here's a few I've taken over in Montana, for startes: Helena Yard Clerk manning the phones Signing on duty Talking the Hawks while...
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    Yellow Switcher at Delta

    Hey you Nor'Western WA BNSF boys! What's the story behind the yellow switcher that has been in the Delta Yard, (Everett) engine facility the last few days? Martin Burwash
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    Blasting My Own Horn

    Well, other than the reading at the James J. Hill House in St. Paul on April 22, and one at the WA State Museum on April 29, I'm done with the grand "Vis Major" tour until after farming is done next fall. That said, I do have a fair number of both hard and soft bound books on hand. If anyone...
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    Railfan Hillbilly on TV today

    For those in the great State of Washington, there is an interview with some old hillbilly on the TVW network at noon, 7PM and 10PM today. The same show is also online. Here's the link: You can also...
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    A Star is Born

    Okay, maybe a bit of a stretch, but for those residing in the great State of Washington, I'll be on the TVW network program "The Author's Hour" talking about "Vis Major." The show will air this Sunday, March 28 at noon, 7PM and 10PM. Check your local provider for channel. The good news is... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to