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    Odd caboose spotted in Nichols,NY today

    Spotted an odd caboose on the tail of an EB freight thru Nichols, NY today. Unsure if CP or NS was pulling it. The caboose was white, had windows, ladders and only one story but no overly large windows. I think it had an AC as well. The car was also built on an old flat car. Anybody have...
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    Can anybody ID this old rail road ROW?

    While traveling from New Mexico to Oklahoma thru Texas along I40 I noticed there is an old rail line that parallels the interstate across the whole of Texas and can be seen in NM and OK. Runs directly past a lot of old grain silos and part of the line still has rail in Amarillo and appears to be...
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    UP diesel with 3 windows on the side

    Driving across Wyoming and noticed a UP diesel with extra windows on the side, appeared to be 3. Is this a special model? Sorry for not having a photo. Thanks!
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    How far south does the North American rail network go?

    Wondering how far south the North American rail network goes. Does it continue past Mexico? In essence, how low can you go? :p
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    ID this unit

    As seen from the Gold Spike Tower in North Platte, NE on Saturday. My best guess is former Amtrak F40PH and possibly currently the SLRG?
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    IC&E 6457 thru Conklin, NY

    Yesterday I caught IC&E 6457 rolling NB thru Conklin, NY 2nd in line on the NS. Never heard of this road until now. Even managed to get a fuzzy cell phone photo.
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    Is 4014 visable from the road?

    Anybody know if it's possible to view 4014 from the road? If so where? Drove past the yard and I can see LOTS of trains but no Big Boy.
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    Help me ID this bell

    I was at an auction today and I found a locomotive bell, which I did not end up buying. I did manage to get some cell phone pictures. On the top of the bell the number "4453" is stamped in 3 places, two of them are on top of each other overlapping The cradle of the bell was cast with...
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    RR coal companies

    What ever happened to the RR owned coal companies after the days of steam? Do most of them still operate with new owners or did most of them dry up and disappear?
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    Anything left of the Knox & Kane?

    Anybody know if there's anything left of the Knox & Kane south of the Kinzua Bridge/Viaduct? I've heard that it was scheduled to be torn up but has it happened yet?
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    Trying to hunt down a private car formerly parked in Las Vegas, NV

    Wasn't sure which section to put this in so if I've posted incorrectly mods feel free to move it. :) Back in the early to mid 90's for the longest time there was an old Amtrak car parked next to a building just west(HWY north) of the 'Spaghetti Bowl' on US95 on the east side of the roadway...
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    Kate Shelley Bridge

    Been awhile since I've been over the Transcon in Iowa and didn't realize they've built a new parallel bridge. Are they taking the old one down, keeping it for emergencies or abandoning it in place?
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    SLRG F40PH+Slug on the move and headed east?

    Heard a rumor that one of the SLRG F40PH+road slug sets were headed east on the UP to North Platte. Anyone know if there is any truth to this? Also, if there is any truth to this any idea where they're headed? Here's a photo(that I did not take) for reference:
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    Questions on a shortline in Upstate, NY

    My job has had me on the east coast quite a bit lately and I recently found myself in the town of Green, New York. There is what appears to be an abandonned line that runs north and parralells NY SR12 for 40 or so miles. Anybody know the history on this line? When it was abandonned and why...
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    UP 70ton switchers on the move

    I was in Misissippi the other day, I believe in a town north of Dumas, and spotted about a dozen 70 ton locomotives on the head end of a train with a single AC unit on point. All painted Armour yellow. Were these headed to the scrapper?
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    Greenwich, NY abandonned tracks

    A few weeks back I was in Greenwich, NY for work and came accross an abandonned set of tracks. They are paved over right at the river and there is a switch next to the road. Looks like maybe this went to some sort of factory or car ferry maybe. According to the map they go on into town quite a... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to