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    Out and about in KCMO area

    Nice photos. I have some other places listed around the area on my website.
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    Questions about slides

    I just recently used a company called and they did a great job and it wasn't outrageously expensive. it might be pricey for hundreds of slides but you could go to web site and see. They have their prices listed.
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    Scanner recommendations

    Can anyone recommend an inexpensive (under $100) scanner that works well for railroad frequencies? I have been looking at a Uniden BC75xlt. I've had too much trouble with Radio Shack scanners so I don't want to go that route. And I realize I am limiting myself by going cheap, but it's all I want...
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    Looking for a junction location connecting CB&Q, CR&P and MoPac in the midwest

    Several locations: Kansas City,MO- St. Joseph, MO- Omaha, NE- Lincoln, NE. Tracks still connect in Kansas City but not in St Joseph. Not sure if they connect in Omaha anywhere. Pretty sure there are no surviving connections in Lincoln since the Rock has been gone for many years in that area. I...
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    hello everyne.....greetings from missouri

    Welcome! I'm from the Kansas City area myself.
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    What kinds of freight does the Kansas City Southern specialize in carrying?

    KCS freight KCS has always been big into hauling chemicals from the Gulf coast.
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    "Big Bang Theory" show mocking train fans... again

    I didn't see it as mocking, although the pair making train sounds was stupid. At least the information was nearly accurate. I've seen much worse.
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    A few from 27th st bridge near Santa Fe Junction in Kansas City

    Northbound empty on ex-Frisco tracks Southbound with Flyover in background Missouri River Runner turning around back in 2008
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    Foamers, from the Wall Street Journal

    I hate that term, although sometimes it is richly deserved.
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    Kansas City Southern through Central Missouri

    The KCS only has a few trains per day each way on this line, but I believe that includes Saturdays. I have seen their westbound trains in Independence several times in the late afternoon. Good luck!
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    Interesting sighting

    It might look puny, but I'll take the sound of a covered wagon any day. Too bad they weren't running.
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    New from Beautiful Hiawatha Iowa

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    Union Pacific Ditchlights?

    Seems to me the ditch lights flash when the horn is being used but I could be wrong.
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    KCS Haulage trains into Council Bluffs, IA

    It's too bad BNSF took out the crossing at Pacific Junction years ago. Seems like it would save a lot of fuel just crossing over the Creston Sub main line instead of going west to Lincoln and then back east to reach the line to Kansas City.
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    Howdy from Texas!

    Welcome! The train watching will be pretty good in Kansas City when you get here.
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    Railroading, Korean Style

    Those gte-26 engines look squatty. Is the gauge wider in South Korea?
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    Unusual sighting...

    I think the MNA runs a daily train from Carthage, MO to Kansas City and returns to Carthage the same day. This is probably the train you saw. I have seen it a few times. Any eastbound freight on the Sedalia Sub is a novelty.
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    My Best Catch Today

    Nice picture! And I really appreciate you explaining the train's designation. Half the time many posters don't even tell us where the train was spotted, let alone what kind of train it was and it's origin and destination. Thanks!
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    Need some assistance

    I have all the hotspots on my web site at
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    Whowned the Glenwood Springs to Aspen, Colorado track?

    I lived there in 1976 and the Rio Grande trains were still running. There was a coal mine southwest of Carbondale and they trucked in coal to that town and loaded trains that went all the way down to Glenwood and then on west from there. At that time the track went to Woody Creek near Aspen but... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to