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  1. Bill Anderson

    Where is the Omaha Posse?

    Road Closed signs should be accompanied by signs that read Violators Will Not Be Rescued.
  2. Bill Anderson

    K36 Locomotives #487 & #489 Doubleheading at Windy Point, Co.

    Good footage. I thought you had captured an eagle soaring overhead in the first minute, then I realized it was your drone.
  3. Bill Anderson

    Where is the Omaha Posse?

    Just watched a weather report on the internet. You guys are really getting hammered with big flooding forecast as the the weather warms up and the snow pack melts. Be careful out there. We are in a pocket of beautiful weather up here in the PNW, but I expect the Seattle bound Empire...
  4. Bill Anderson

    G.m. locomotive at work

    It looks as though the "narrow" part is standard gauge and the "wide" part is broad gauge. I have a Trains magazine from last year that lists all the gauges of the world. I'll have to dig it up since we are getting a lot of photos and from Argentina and Brazil.
  5. Bill Anderson

    Vale rail train C199

    That is dual gauge track. What gauge is the train riding on and what gauge is the wider track?
  6. Bill Anderson

    G.m. locomotive at work

    Very clean running locomotive, but those smoky old ALCos are more entertaining. ;)
  7. Bill Anderson

    Where is the Omaha Posse?

    A Washington state birder asked if the flooding in Nebraska has affected the legendary Sandhill Crane migration. I know there are some nature photographers among the Omaha Posse. If anyone has an answer/guess/opinion, let me know (a PM will do) and I'll pass it on.
  8. Bill Anderson

    Where is the Omaha Posse?

    Are those the same CB&Q tracks that once hosted the various pre Amtrak Zephyrs?
  9. Bill Anderson

    Trains of Edmonds, Washington

    Saturday afternoon (3-16-2019) my son and I took a break from watching basketball's March Madness to go down and see Marsh March Madness. While we were there my son photographed two southbound (tt/west) freights. I don't know what the formula for the use of rear DPU's, as neither train had...
  10. Bill Anderson

    Vietnam railroads in 1967 - an article in a brazilian magazine

    One chapter of the Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux tells about riding a passenger train in Viet Nam.
  11. Bill Anderson

    too much noise

    The rhythm might rock me to sleep if I had were wearing earplugs.
  12. Bill Anderson

    Need help identifying these units

    Thanks. One more mystery solved.
  13. Bill Anderson

    Need help identifying these units

    Does anyone know the history of BNSF GP9B 1702? From its Cascade green paint, it looks like a former BN unit, but not necessarily BN 1702 if it was renumbered after the BN+ ATSF merger.
  14. Bill Anderson

    Need help identifying these units

    My 1977-80 Burlington Northern annual lists 1702 as former Northern Pacific GP9 202, assigned to the Camas Praire Railroad. It was rebuilt with a low front hood in 1979 at the old GN shops at Hillyard (Spokane) WA. after tumbling into the Clearwater River near Lewiston, ID in 1976. If this is...
  15. Bill Anderson

    Trains of Edmonds, Washington

    I cannot pass up opportunities to photograph older units. Monday (3-11-19) I caught three of them leading a northbound (tt/east) freight past MP 18 and Sunset Ave. 136 = GP60M-3 1406 = SD60 Triclops 279 = SD75M
  16. Bill Anderson

    Trains flooded in São Paulo ( Brazil)

    Whoa. Won't water that deep short out the traction motors? I guess steam locomotives have the advantaqe in a flood. Love the photo of old RS3. I hope you can get some better photos of it when the waters recede.
  17. Bill Anderson

    Where is the Omaha Posse?

    Nice shot of the barred owl.
  18. Bill Anderson

    Trains of Edmonds, Washington

    My son and I were at the marsh on a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon (3-10-19) with little wind. He photographed two northbound (tt/east) oil tankers passing through town. The first one had a fairly clean BNSF War Bonnet unit in the rear DPU set. His photos of the second tanker show how...
  19. Bill Anderson

    Eritrea 2018 - 12: Full Steam from Arbaroba (50 p.)

    Probably why there is a fairly large Eritrean community in the Seattle area. There is an Orthodox church not far from me, but I don't know if it is Eritrean or Ethiopian.
  20. Bill Anderson

    Hydrogen Fuel Cell Train

    The Burlington Northern experimented with a natural gas fueled engine back in the 70's when the price of diesel was sky high. The Union Pacific looked into electrification of their line over Sherman Hill for the same reason. I am not certain, but Caterpiller may even have built an LPG powered... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to