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  1. SP&SFan

    Information on the Klamath Northern railroad and associated UP local...

    In less than a week's time, I will be over in the Central Oregon area for a few days of railfanning with a couple friends... I am looking for any information as far as operating times, etc for the Klamath Northern railroad shortline. Does it run 7 days a week or a M-F?? Start times?? Power...
  2. SP&SFan

    Mike Denuty has Boarded that Final Train..

    With a great sadness and all due respect, I must announce that Mike Denuty has taken a final boarding call for that train to the great railway in the sky. This a great loss of a good friend to all us railroad historians. He had been in poor health recently, and was found deceased by friends. His...
  3. SP&SFan

    Questions on Oil trains on the Portland & Western railroad..

    I have a question about the Oil trains going from the BNSF to Portland & Western railroad.. How long does it take a load to leave the property from when it arrives at "W" yard?? As the days get longer, I would like to try to find one along the P&W Astoria line.. SP&SFan
  4. SP&SFan

    NS Heritage unit - NS 1069 - Virginian.

    Heads-up!!! NS 1069 is the third unit of three on a M-LAUPAS1-06A that is at Hauser Yard awaiting a crew change. Should be most of today getting to Pasco Yard.. :):D SP&SFan
  5. SP&SFan

    Problems on the BNSF Fallbridge Sub..???

    Does anyone know why a westbound "Amtrak" would have to go to from the BNSF side of the Columbia Gorge to the Oregon side at Wishram?? They would use OT Jct. get onto the UP Portland Sub??? SP&SFan
  6. SP&SFan

    SP 192 - Ultimate Heritage Unit

    SP 192 is on the point of a UKFEUR-16 which is going to Longview, Wash. It has approx. 80 TTX 60' high cube boxcars destined for Longview, Wash. Has dropped 15 of them off at Eugene for the CORP. :D:D:D:D SP&SFan
  7. SP&SFan

    Heads-up Oregon Trunk fans... Vancouver BC to Modesto unit train.

    A Portland, Oregon area railfan at Vancouver, Washington has spotted what looks like one of those Vancouver, BC to Modesto unit trains with the BNSF 4856, BNSF 4029, BNSF 6834 & CN 5690 on the front with BNSF 5370, BNSF 670 & BNSF 5336 as the rear DPU's.. This train is leaving Vancouver...
  8. SP&SFan

    UP 2001 - Olympic Torch Unit headed east!!!

    UP 2001, The Olympic Torch unit is headed east towards Marion, AR on the Z-SEMN-28. It is the third unit out of three on the front. Has a DPU.. It was dark and very stormy when I saw it at Milepost 4 on the Graham line of the Portland Subdivision.. SP&SFan
  9. SP&SFan

    UP Reno/Sparks questions..

    Hey all, I'm in Grand Sierra Resort & Casino in Sparks, Nevada right now.. Had some questions about traffic over the next 24-36 hours in and out of Reno/Sparks and on the Reno industrial branch question.. Does anyone know what might be the traffic count for tomorrow on Donner?? Feather...
  10. SP&SFan

    Major BNSF/UP MOW Projects in Pacific Northwest..

    I was wondering what the Class I's would be doing in the form of maintainence. I was wondering if any BNSF and/or UP rails would chime in on 2011 Major MOW windows for the Seattle, Fallbridge, Stampede, Bellingham, Lakeside & Scenic Subs for the BNSF... What about the Brooklyn, Portland...
  11. SP&SFan

    Seeking pictures of Weyerhaeuser GP9 #308..

    Hello all, I am seeking pictures of Weyerhaeuser GP #308 for a book that a friend and I are working on. Sincerely, SP&SFan
  12. SP&SFan - Spokane Feed...

    I was wondering if anyone knew what Pete K. did to the Spokane Feed on his Puget Sound Railroad ( I have PSRRR on my favorites, but I can't access the webpage that displays either WMP or Realplayer.. It takes me to this webpage ---> I haven't found...
  13. SP&SFan

    Questions for the Bend area locals..

    A railfan friend and I will be visiting Sun River resort on the 1st weekend of October.. I was wondering what is the lowdown with seeing power/trains at the Cascan yard?? Are there RR cops to chase you off or what?? :confused::confused: Any ideas on traffic patterns lately on the Oregon...
  14. SP&SFan

    BNSF Fallbridge Subdivision & Lakeside Subdivision MOW days & times??

    ~All, As the subject line asks.. I was wondering if anyone can tell me about the Fallbridge and Lakeside MOW projects.. What Milepost to what milepost and what days the MOW has the main from what time to what time..??? I'm curious as if they have all day limits or do the dispatchers...
  15. SP&SFan

    Bnsf #1655.

    Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone has seen the BNSF #1655.. Sometime last year, it was in a collison with a Heritage 1 GE.. From what I heard, it was sent west on a M-SPOEVE and possibly got to Interbay.. Has this unit be stored or repaired to active status??? :confused::confused::)...
  16. SP&SFan

    Heads-up Portland/Seattle I-5 corridor..

    Heads-up all, UP #1995 is the second unit on a I-OASER.. UP trace says that it is due into Seattle on Feb. 2nd at 10:50am.. I believe this is the 1st time that the CNW Heritage has got to go from Oakland to Seattle.. :D:D Train is currently just south of Klamath Falls on the Black... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to