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    Japan's Railway History

    The Kiso Forest Railways - Part C This next post covers another of the significant 762mm railways in the Kiso Forest. The Ogawa Forest Railway. This railway was connected directly to the Otaki Forest Railway...
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    Japan's Railway History

    The Kiso Forest Railways - Part B This post covers one of the main logging railway networks in the Kiso Valley. ... The Otaki Forest Railway.
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    Japan's Railway History

    The Kiso Forest Railways - Part A This next post provides an introduction to the Logging Railways in the Kiso Forest. Only a short tourist railway now remains of what was once a very large system of 762mm lines. I am currently working on a short survey of one of the lines which made up the...
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    Britain's Lost Railways

    At Christmas 2018, a friend gave me a book by John Minnis entitled 'Britain's Lost Railways'. It would be natural to assume that this was a book about the different lines that have been lost throughout the UK. This is, however, a book about the lost infrastructure that surrounds the railway...
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    The Penydarren Tramroad

    I have just begun reading a book by John Minnis - 'Britain's Lost Railways' - and found this picture which he says is the only one known to be in existence of the Mertyr/Penydarren Tramroad in use.
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    Rails in the Road

    I was given a copy of the book by Oliver Green, 'Rails in the Road' as a Christmas present. I have just finished reading it. The link below is to a review of the book. It is a large, coffee-table-sized book with a price tag of £30.00. It is illustrated throughout with high quality contemporary...
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    The Forest of Dean Railways and Tramways

    Recently, I have begun researching some of the tramways/tramroads in the valleys of South Wales. The first of these that I looked at was the Penydarren Tramroad. While I was looking at the website of the Industrial Railway Society ( I came across a story which...
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    The Penydarren Tramroad

    I promised a survey of the line between Abercynon and Merthyr Tydfil. This next post follows the Penydarren Tramroad along its full length.
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    The Penydarren Tramroad

    The Railway Magazine, March 1951, carried a short note about the Penydarren Tramway as well as an article about Richard Trevithick and his locomotive which first ran on the Tramway in February 1804. The first steam locomotive on rails ..... This post pulls together information from a number of...
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    Japan's Railway History

    I hope to produce a short series of short posts over the next little while which look at some of the 2ft 6in track-gauge railway in Japan. This is the first. The Kurobe Gorge Railway is both as tourist railway and a supply line to the hydroelectric power stations along the Kurobe River Gorge...
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    The Kelvedon and Tollesbury Light Railway

    I am continuing to read through old copies of ‘The Railway Magazine’. This time it is the December 1950 edition. It contains a short article about the Kelvedon and Tollesbury Light Railway in Essex. This article held my interest because it relates to a line not too far from Braintree in Essex...
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    The Ashover Light Railway

    And finally ........... This is the third of three planned posts about the Ashover Light Railway. I hope you enjoy the final installment. ....
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    The Ashover Light Railway

    This is the second post in a short series about the Ashover Light Railway. It covers the length of the line from the Clay Cross Works to Stretton Halt. ...
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    The Ashover Light Railway

    This is another thread prompted by reading old copies of "The Railway Magazine" from 1950. The September 1950 magazine carried a short article about the Ashover Light Railway which had finally closed over the majority of its length to freight traffic in March 1950. The post below is the first...
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    Japan's Railway History

    Cape Gauge was used in many countries throughout the world. It has been identified primarily with the Cape Colony in South Africa but was used first in the UK on a variety of tramways. Later its use extended into a number of countries in the Far East including New Zealand, Indonesia and in...
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    The Ballachulish Railway Line

    Another of those magazines at Christmas time (2018). This time it was an old "Hornby Magazine" from 2012. This was originally intended to be a short reflection on the Ballachulish Line but it is developing into something much longer. There will be three parts to this story! This is the first...
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    The Flam Railway

    Over Christmas 2018 I have been reading through a number of old copies of 'The Railway Magazine'. Most of the magazines were from 1950. I found an article about the Flam railway in Norway and thought that members of the forum might be interested. It was the plan of the 'spiral at the head of...
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    Uganda Railways

    Continuing to read through the 1950 editions of The Railway Magazine, I came across this article in the June issue:
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    The Listowel and Ballybunion Railway

    As a follow up …………….. I have been sent a number of links to videos including one to a model built in O Gauge. The first link should take you to the model, the remaining links are primarily to videos taken at the site in Ireland. I have also been sent a link to another page about the railway...
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    The Listowel and Ballybunion Railway

    This line has fascinated me for some time. I hope this post is of interest. Does anyone have further information? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to