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  1. EMDGP30

    Don't trust your life to a mechanical signal
  2. EMDGP30

    Some Old Slides Rerun

    Burlington Northern Railroad GP35 2562 at Clyde, Illinois on an unknown day in March 1981, Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. Built as SLSF 712 in April 1964 (c/n 28923) on EMD Order 7705 (SLSF #'s 701-716), it became BN 2562 on November 21, 1980 and was retired in July 1985. In the 1977-1980 BN Annual...
  3. EMDGP30

    Some Old Slides Rerun

    Built 2-1949 as CGW 115 Became C&NW 215
  4. EMDGP30

    What Commodities Could Return To The Rails?

    There are a lot more boxcars moving than there was a few years ago.
  5. EMDGP30

    BNSF 1770 Leads Amtrak 4!

    Found a pic (not mine) of 5210 when she was a couple years old and still had her original light package; wonder why the headlight was moved from between the number boards to the nose.
  6. EMDGP30

    MP cabooses

    Drove from Clovis, NM to Dexter, MO to help overhaul a machine; saw these 2 while driving through Arkansas Pocahontas, Arkansas Corning, Arkansas
  7. EMDGP30

    End of year pics

    My machine has finished work for the year and was taken to Clovis, NM for start up mid-January; here are some of the pics that I took before we left. Caught this former ATSF Dash 9 leading an empty coal train through McPaul, IA Power for the move from Pacific Jct, IA to Clovis, NM was BNSF...
  8. EMDGP30

    Union Pacific No. 4141 George Bush Locomotive
  9. EMDGP30

    Comment by 'EMDGP30' in media 'Geeps In the Oakland Intermodal Yard'

    Lead unit is former MP 1556 Second unit built as C&O 3783 became CSX 6558 Became SP 7295 Third unit is for former Missouri Pacific GP38-2 2154 Fourth unit was built as CRI&P 4343
  10. EMDGP30

    Comment by 'EMDGP30' in media 'Pair of Switchers'

    Second unit was former SP GP40-2 7626
  11. EMDGP30

    Comment by 'EMDGP30' in media 'Pair of Switchers'

    Built as SP 4806
  12. EMDGP30

    Comment by 'EMDGP30' in media 'UP 1207'

    Built as Kennecott Copper 788 before becoming MKT 387 Was UP 2358 (2358 is now road number of SD60M)
  13. EMDGP30

    Comment by 'EMDGP30' in media 'TTI and a Tree'

    Built as SBD 5902 Became CSX 5902
  14. EMDGP30

    Comment by 'EMDGP30' in media 'Short Turn'

    Was Ontario Northland (ON) 2200 And HATX 515
  15. EMDGP30

    Comment by 'EMDGP30' in media 'Mountain Junction'

    In new paint
  16. EMDGP30

    Comment by 'EMDGP30' in media 'Bay Coast RR 2000'

    Built as IC 9383 12-58 (Third unit in pic) After working on the Bay Coast RR unit became Eastern Shore Railroad (ESHR) 2000
  17. EMDGP30

    Comment by 'EMDGP30' in media 'N&W waits for GM&O to clear'

    Became Massachusetts Bay Transit 1113 Then became Metro North Commuter Railroad (MNCR) FP10 411
  18. EMDGP30

    Comment by 'EMDGP30' in media 'Illinois Terminal'

    Built as Wabash 475 8-52 Became Elk River River Railroad (ELKR) 3
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    Comment by 'EMDGP30' in media 'Knight's Siding'

    Built as FW&D 610 on 3-59
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    Comment by 'EMDGP30' in media 'CSX 8854'

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