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    Locomotive ID

    BNSF has reclassified all the GP39Vs and GP39Es as GP39-2s. They weren't modified in any way, though, as far as I know.
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    Locomotive ID

    Or you could get this book:
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    Curious, does the BNSF ES44DC still wear the yellow BNSF logo?

    Don't expect it to be repainted, either. The Barfbonnet, Great Pumpkin, and Pill engines are all still running around too, after 15 years!
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    Host For Train Show

    Apparently Extreme Trains wasn't over-the-top enough.
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    ES44C4 question

    The middle axles are only lifted a quarter inch or so, not completely pulled off the rails. This increases the weight on the driving axles, increasing adhesion.
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    Iowa/Nebraska/Kansas area fans --> Rock Island E-units?

    Haha, no problem! I actually just happened to be on a road trip to Kansas City to visit friends and shoot the UP 3985 and I took a little side trip to see the pair in Ottawa. I wish I could have gotten closer, but there were BNSF MoW workers nearby and I didn't want to get into any trouble.
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    Iowa/Nebraska/Kansas area fans --> Rock Island E-units?

    Here's the pair sitting on the interchange track at Ottawa, KS on October 5th. Supposedly some people from MAC were/are going to come and work on the air brakes before they are moved to MAC for further work.
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    Questions on job

    Primary recall means that, if you transfer to a different terminal in your first five years of service, they can recall you to the terminal you were hired at if they are short on people there. This condition only applies to ex-Santa Fe terminals. I don't know of any other railroads that have...
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    Clearance lights???

    I know what cab signals are, but I had never heard of LSL or CSS, which apparently are two different types of cab signal systems. Having a light on the outside of the cab letting people on the ground know that the train is in cab signal territory seemed kind of silly, so I was just making sure I...
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    Chasing the CEBX 800 Schnabel Car

    Thanks for all the comments - I got up in the middle of the night to see it go down the BN "Racetrack" and then chased it later that same day after a few hours' sleep and a few hours' work. The blue caboose was remodeled in Houston in 2008; it is the former NW 555075...
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    Chasing the CEBX 800 Schnabel Car

    Last Saturday and Sunday, August 28th and 29th, I chased North America's largest railcar, the CEBX 800, from Blue Island, IL on the Indiana Harbor Belt, all the way out to near Galesburg, IL on the BNSF. The train traveled down the busy BNSF Chicago Sub in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday...
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    Clearance lights???

    OK, so can anyone explain the purpose of this light IN ENGLISH? What do the CSS and LSL do, and under what conditions is the light illuminated?
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    CN 2113 With Special Logo

    So they painted a picture of an EMD on the side of a GE. Now there's a goofy sight.
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    BNSF is selling its GE B40-8W Units

    They are getting rid of them for the same reason they are getting rid of the C40-8Ws - mechanical fuel injection. The next round of EPA requirements would force them to make expensive modifications to convert them to electric fuel injection, and BNSF doesn't want to pay for that apparently.
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    Clearance lights???

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