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    Washington Royal Line

    I hope this line makes it. Under the current ownership though, I am not so sure. U.S. Rail has a spotty history. In fact, they just lost the contract at Cincinnati for that line. All their shortline operations are very iffy, with little business. However, cars and locos on the line is some progress
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    Washington Royal Line

    A gentleman on another forum I frequent, was one of the folks who operated that line for a while, using the old Alco. In fact, he was the last person to operate it, and parked it where it still sits today. He told me what year it was parked, but I have forgotten what he told me. I know for sure...
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    North Louisiana & Arkansas updates

    That is great news. Glad to see that line active again.
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    North Louisiana & Arkansas updates

    Well, that is good to hear. Jeff
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    North Louisiana & Arkansas updates

    did you have any major flooding damage from the recent "monsoons"? Jeff
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    North Louisiana & Arkansas updates

    Yes, thanks for the updates. It looks like another almost extinct rail line is slowly coming back to life. Great news. Jeff
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    North Louisiana & Arkansas updates

    I thought the NLA had plans to run past lake Providence to the port and new chemical plant there. This development is going to throw a wrench into those plans. The port and the new plant WOULD have been a major source of business. Jeff
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    New Railroad Company in Tallulah, La

    It is a new company started by the original founders of Railamerica. I think Marino is the last name. Jeff
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    Louisiana & North West mixed train cabooses

    A photo of the caboose you are interested in, was published in the May, 1985 issue of "Trains" magazine. It is located on page 30. Jeff
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    Camden & Southern

    This operation is owned by the same folks who own the Dardanelle and Russellville Railroad. The SW1's are former D&R engines. Jeff
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    Carolina Southern Operations

    I recently read that the Carolina Southern has shut down their operation from Chadbourn to Myrtle Beach. due to poor track conditions. I believe they have an office in Conway,S.C. or Chadbourn.
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    North Louisana & Arkansas

    About 6 or 8 years ago, I followed this entire line from Tallula to McGhee. There was no apparant business, or rail activity north of Talla Bena. I believe the only steady traffic on the whole line was cars moving to and from the river port at Talla Bena, down to Tallula for interchange with the...
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    North Louisana & Arkansas

    I believe that Arkansas Shortlines is running this operation. They are the parent company of the Dardenelle and Russellville and other shortlines.
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    Camden & Southern Railroad

    That is a new one I had not heard of. It appears to be owned by the folks who own the Dardanelle and Russellville Railroad. Jeff
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    K&O operations

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