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    Train surfing Indonesia style

    The ones at grade, perhaps, but the elevated portions on the KRL Jabodetabek are pretty well maintained and are built to Japanese standards.
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    Kintetsu Safety Barrier

    Another reason for these barriers- for the partially blind, who can still sense light and darkness, may mistake these gaps as a door opening. Recently a disabled woman fell between two cab cars coupled face to face on the JR Kobe Line, and died.
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    27 subways in the Tokyo megalopolis

    More of a Hikifune guy (I'm a big Tokyu 8500 series fan, lost interest in the Toyoko Line after the 8000 series were retired), but I see your point.:)
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    27 subways in the Tokyo megalopolis

    Looking towards Den'en Chofu, perhaps taken from the platform end at Tamagawa Station?
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    Kintetsu Safety Barrier

    The miscreant may actually have a valid ticket to ride, but in an alcoholic haze, or a sudden loss of rational thought (for example, after just missing the train) he may be tempted to wedge himself in that space. As far as impalement, there is a reason there are copious amounts of warning lines...
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    Kintetsu Safety Barrier

    Eja is correct, these devices are also used to keep riders (typically drunkards) from hitching a ride al fresco. It has happened in the Kansai area, which is considred by some to have more idiots than Tokyo.
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    India Yard

    A big system. Indian Railways is also the second largest employer in the world (with 1.6 million employees), only the People's Liberation Army of China has more personnel.
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    Elections and HSR

    Don't despair, looks like Walker may be reconsidering, now that he has the keys to the governor's mansion:
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    Croatian electric locomotve series HŽ 1061

    thomcro, thanks for the nice pictures. What is the situation regarding railway photography in Croatia?- do authorities not bother the photographer taking pictures in stations? I ask because I have heard that photographers are hassled in neighboring Serbia, or that taking pictures is prohibited.
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    Majestic Imperator

    I like that Italian-built Croatian Rlwy HZ 1061 locomotive!
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    2 subway stations open in Tokyo

    Because of those gap fillers on the curved monorail station, the drivers have to be even more exact in stopping so as to properly align the doors with the fillers. Time for ATO operation eventually perhaps?
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    Japanese subways running on other railways

    Yes, the through lines make for some interesting service patterns. Quite a long route, I never have done it end to end (mainly because the Den-en Toshi Line has horrid crowding, even off-peak) but the stainless steel Tokyu 8500 series is a draw. The Keikyu/Toei/Hokuso Rlwy Misaki Guchi to...
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    Japanese Loop tunnels

    Because the alternative, steep grades and/or switchbacks, would not be conducive to cost-effective operations on a major main line. I assume when planning a tunnel, the location of active faults in the area are taken into consideration.
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    Berlin, DE

    Thanks for the nice pictures of early spring in Berlin. I especially like the picture of Badestrasse Station- nice architecture and different modes of rail transport in the same frame.
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    Major Rail Projects in Japan

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