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    UP 4010 at Portland Union Station

    Thats called being dirty man. If its clean it just got me.
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    Union Pacific Hiring Practices

    LOL true but Im pretty sure if you have over 20 years in being an ahole seems like a god given right. Its crazy how little we work together or help one another because of the horrible attitudes out there.
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    Nuke/Radio Active train west bound in NE !!

    Yea this was way diff than before. Last time it was to huge conainment cylinders like this set up Todays train was 2 different style large rectangle cases, then one car had some pretty large valving of some sort. Kickin myself for not...
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    Nuke/Radio Active train west bound in NE !!

    Was leaving work this morning at 8am and saw a rather cool short train rollin in on the west main. I worked a train sorta like this one a month ago, which has a caboose that you dont approach ( armed guards on board). Well this train today was a single leader, the caboose and about 3 or 4 all...
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    Union Pacific Hiring Practices

    Yup april but like the rest of the rules, only apply when they have nothing else to pick on. The chew is as nasty as the ciggs, we have a manager who spits all over the ramps and then wants us all to care and take pride, clean ,clean clean,......but I dont think he even relizes he spits that...
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    Union Pacific Hiring Practices

    Little tip, you need to give the answers they wanna here not what you think is right or true...sad too say it but its true. I wish they would follow through with the all high and mighty no smoking policy....its a damn joke out here, units,trucks ( brand new ones too),shops all smell like smoke...
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    Onboard the UP 50th Anniversary Train

    Great pics, bet it was a good time, Id love to be able to do it with my kids. The photo labled east of North Platte is Brady ,NE...has a nice walking bridge going over the mainlines. The other one downtown that was rail grinding train?, yea its a grinder, nasty dirty grinder. It comes...
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    Time to say hi

    Man that sucks, dont you have a director of the shop? or is that who wont let ya go. Ours was very cool and was understanding.
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    The wind train (large pic)

    Yea off the Interstate west of Salida is covered with them. I know up in Wyoming they are putting in a wind farm near glenrock and also down by evanston.
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    Comment by 'mille-ryan' in media 'Meet'

    Thats a great shot
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    BNSF GRDA Coal with a EMD SD70ACE On the Lead

    Looks like a good spot to pick up ties for home projects,lol.
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    Time to say hi

    Hey Wrench you could always go up to Havre,MT....BNSF opened jobs for MAchinists there, looks to be real dam close to Canada..little too cold for my wifes blood.
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    Comment by 'mille-ryan' in media 'MG_9206_BNSF_GRAIN_MARK_DABLING_ROAD_COLORADO_SPRINGS'

    Like it ... Is that where the tracks run near the interstate? I used to live in the Springs and sorta do again via a long commute.
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    MOW Picture Gallery

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