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  1. Howdy all, This has been some of the most interesting reading I have had in quite awhile. Mark, Jason, Mac/Brian, Jon, Kristopher and BNSFENG, I have thoroughly enjoyed all the photos, comments and sidelines. I have watched a lot of this building going on over the last 15 months, I work for the Port of Everett as a Security Officer at the Mt. Baker Rail & Barge Facility and have watched it all come together as well as the Sounder Terminal in Mukilteo and as well as the work around Everett station and PA Junction, etc. I listen to the Goldbar Stream on www.psrrr.net and have have loved trains since I was a Kid growing up in Arlington. I saw the last of the Steam Locomotives come through bringing timber and lumber down from Darington and the Lake McMurray area above Mt. Vernon. I learned my Morse Code for Boy Scouts from the N.P.Station Master in Arlington, I think it was 1957. This thread has been a "Great Read" I have learned a lot from all of you and Thank You All. Mark and Jason Your Photo's have spoke volumes as you know from the work perspective & what you need in the photo to tell the story. I will keep following this thread and hope to learn much more Thanks again. Oh, Yes. It is good to have a working computer again.
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