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  2. I have a working CPR stove... what's it worth?
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  23. K&M switch key
  24. Research help
  25. Date nails
  26. RR key I dug this weekend...
  27. Info on an old ticket punch (maybe NYO&W?)
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  32. Portland Zoo Railway
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  34. Years on date nails.
  35. WABASH Railroad Dining Car China
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  48. Steam Era Headlight
  49. Type of lantern 'Shack' carried in "Emperor of the North"?
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  51. Rail Road Maps (1914)
  52. Railroad Sign Questions (Pictures)
  53. W.RY of A. railroad lock
  54. fairbanks morse builders plate identification help
  55. What is this item?
  56. The Fine Line Between Legal And Lost
  57. western cullen hayes bell wiring diagram Help
  58. The Charleston and Western Carolina Railroad
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  68. Help any Clue
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  70. Locomotive Bell HELP!
  71. Need help finding info on antique CNO&TP brass switch padlock??
  72. "Railway Service Card" correspondence card from 1887.
  73. Railroad Lock help
  74. ELECTRONICS QUESTION: Light sensor makes RR clock silent at night
  75. What's the story behind this PRR "Newark" glass?
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  77. AT&SF Time Clock
  78. Spike and rail plaque
  79. Hi, a newbie here and looking for help please on a "B&O R" piece.
  80. csx
  81. Caboose for Sale, Seattle, WA
  82. Looking for info on 20s baggage wagon
  83. Need info about some coupling pins
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  89. 1957 Bangor & Aroostook (BAR) freight schedule
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  95. Southern Pacific Daylight Poster 40 x 20
  96. Norfolk & Western Railway Standard Plans Book
  97. (Steam) Locomotive and Tender Defect Chart
  98. My railroad Block Light. What do you think??
  99. Can anyone tell me what this is.....
  100. Label reads, "This Rail from the Area of San Francisco Earth Quake 1906." Is it real?
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